The Production Process

The Production Process currently used by Autus is best be described as slow brewing. The outcome is a product of high quality; tried and tested in the field.

A carefully selected source of coal provides the solid building block on which the process is built. During the process development and piloting phase many sources of coal were disqualified due to its poor reactivity and poor quality of the final product.

The coal is slowly oxidized to release the humic and fulvic acid in the form of oxidized humates and fulvates. The oxidized products are then put through a specialized slow brewing process.

Meticulous care is taken during the slow brewing process to ensure that temperatures are well controlled to prevent a reduction in quality of these thermally sensitive organic acids. Only high quality raw materials are used for extraction of the fulvic and humic acid.

The production team follows this very disciplined process for every batch produced – resulting in a high quality product with excellent consistency current Customers have become accustomed to this.

Autus Fertiliser (Pty) Ltd, trading as Autus Growth, founded in 2012, is a South African based manufacturer of humic and fulvic acid salt solutions, aimed at reducing chemical nutrient reliance, improving and restoring soil fertility, boosting plant vitality and ultimately enhancing produce of farming enterprises.

The products have been tested at an internationally recognised laboratory (A&L Western in California) and various test have been carried out at a greenhouse facility in Johannesburg South Africa. (Greenhouse Trial and Research Centre). Analyses have also been conducted by SGS Agriculture Services in Somerset West, Western Cape. Registration of all products were approvedby the South African Dept of agriculture on 17 November 2016.