Plant Health

Addition of organic matter to organically-deficient soils

Increases root vitality

Improved nutrient uptake

Increased chlorophyll synthesis

Better seed germination

Increased fertilizer retention and hence lower leaching

Stimulates beneficial microbial activity

Healthier plants and improved yields


  • A potassium humate based coating for the management of urea
  • A potassium fulvate based coating with micro elements for the management of phosphate based products
  • A potassium humate based product for use in foliar and liquid fertilizers
  • A fulvic and humic acid based product as an additive to seed dressings
  • A fulvic acid based chelator for use in land rehabilitation

Autus Fertiliser (Pty) Ltd, trading as Autus Growth, founded in 2012, is a South African based manufacturer of humic and fulvic acid salt solutions, aimed at reducing chemical nutrient reliance, improving and restoring soil fertility, boosting plant vitality and ultimately enhancing produce of farming enterprises.

The products have been tested at an internationally recognized laboratory (A&L Western in California) and various test have been carried out at a greenhouse facility in Johannesburg, South Africa. (Greenhouse Trial and Research Centre). Analyses have also been conducted by SGS Agricultural Sevices in Somerset West, Western Cape.

Registration of all products were approved by the South African Dept of Agriculture on 17 November 2016.