Product Range

Autus Growth can supply its various products in 1000 litre flobins, 200 litre drums,
25 litre polycans or in bulk.

Autus Black:

A formulated humate based soil conditioner and coating. Autus Black substantially increases the water and nutrient retention capacity of soil by enhancing the soil’s chelating and cation exchange properties.

Autus Double Black:

Dipotassium phosphate (DKP) with Humates - is a water-soluble salt which is complexed with Humates and used as an effective base fertilizer and a source of phosphorus and potassium.

Autus Gold:

Autus Gold combines the best of two components – a fusion of Humates and Fulvates. Humates improve the soil’s water retention capacity , and nutrients are metabolised more efficiently. The Fulvate component accelerates and enhances the absorption of nutrients.

Autus Yellow:

Fulvic acid is a low molecular weight humate with unique properties. It forms soluble complexes with metal ions and can be taken up directly by plants even in an acidic environment.

Autus Green:

Formulated from Urea , Calcium Nitrate and complexed with Fulvates. The product is ideally suited where high Nitrogen content is required. It is well complemented by Autus Double Black and has proven to be a popular Golf Course and Turf industry product.

The key applications for the products currently are:

  • • A potassium humate based coating for the management of urea
  • • A potassium fulvate based coating with micro elements for the    management of phosphate based products
  • • A potassium humate based liquid binder and coating for granulated lime and gypsum
  • • A filvic acid based product for use in foliar and liquid fertilizers
  • • A fulvic and humic acid based product as an additive to seed dressings
  • • A fulvic acid based chelator for use in land rehabilitation


Research is being conducted to assess the benefits of using the various products of Autus Growth in a crop chemical formulations (insecticides and herbicides) and animal feeds.